Tribology and P64

This blog post is to inform Prestige64 customers that we are taking a new design direction based on Tribological engineering principles in order to improve the experience and quality of our products.

When I first created Prestige64, my dream was simply an all metal N64 stick module. However, upon doing more extensive research into Tribology, an engineering/scientific discipline that studies the frictional interaction of varying materials, I have decided to switch from a metal + metal combination of stick and bowl to a metal + polymer combination.

What this will do is lower the N64 stick module’s friction coefficient in order to reduce wear of parts over longer periods of time, by obeying physical laws related to surface adhesion and abrasion.

In order to not copy outright Linus’ SteelSticks64 design, I have decided to essentially reverse his module’s topological order in terms of material selection. Instead of a polymer stick tip + metal bowl, Prestige64 will use a metal stick tip + polymer bowl. Of course, metal bowls are still in high demand in combination with OEM joysticks, so don’t worry, that will still be coming out.

– Matt

TL;DR: We’re changing certain Prestige64 product materials to improve the physical longevity of our products.

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