The P64 Module (β)

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(NOTE: This was a Beta Tester version of the P64 Module. Its product page is kept up for the sake of the reviews section. This product is no longer available for sale).

Additional information

Weight 0.114 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 10 cm
OEM Controller Shell

Grey, Black, Atomic Purple

2 reviews for The P64 Module (β)

  1. Joe Henry

    I have tried many controllers in my day: OG all oem parts, hori, Xbox controller, lodgenet, metal bowls, other metal sticks, el’s stick, and brass gears. That being said I haven’t had a chance to play on a steel stick but this is the best controller I have ever played on. Highly recommend to hardcore smashers looking for a stick that is reliable and competitive.

  2. Tyler C (verified owner)

    I can only offer praise for the ability Prestige has shown in recreating an authentic OEM feel with this metal joystick. SteelSticks64 feels great, but offers a slightly more sensitive experience, which takes time to get used to. Prestige, however, feels exactly like an unused, pristine OEM stick, which is what most of us have been looking for. It took zero time to get used to this stick as it felt perfect from the beginning.

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